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Upcoming Events

Please use the RSVP Form on our Calendar Page

to advise us of your intention to attend an event.

Thank you


Please Note:  

We always book in advance for any meals or gatherings at public venues,

therefore, it is vital that we know exact numbers by the RSVP closing date.

It is also important to know how many people will be travelling with a participant,

where and when they plan to meet up with the group,

i.e., at the departure point, en route, or at the destination.

We ask that anyone intending to participate in an event

please provide us with this information to avoid any confusion,

delays or inability to accommodate someone at a venue.

A simple "Going" response on our Facebook Event will not provide 

all the details we require. Please supply full information in a comment.

If you RSVP by email or by our RSVP Form on our Calendar Page,

the same applies.

We also ask that all members please wear their Name Lanyards.

Thank You

Next Combined Run
Sunday 5 May, 2024
Details To Be Posted

Our Next Motorcycle Only Ride

Will be on 

Sunday 28 April, 2024

Details to be posted ASAP


Motorcycle Only Runs Flyer.jpg

Early Notice
June Combined Event

CRD 2024 06 02 Ross Skinner Annual Memorial Dinner.jpg
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