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Membership Fee

$50 - Single Membership

(+$10 for each extra person

for Dual or Family Memberships

aged 15 Years and Over)

Renewable annually on

anniversary of joining





VicRoads 2.jpg

VicRoads Approved

Club Permit Scheme club

No Waiting Period for inclusion in

Club Permit Scheme

We provide all necessary paperwork

Vehicles must be 25 years and older

and have a current RWC

(if NOT transferring from another club)

to qualify for the Club Permit Scheme

No fee or RWC required

by VicRoads to transfer

vehicles over from another club

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We do not charge a

Scrutineering Fee


Unless we have to travel to you,

then we ask for reimbursement

of fuel and associated costs

We have a cap of 60 total memberships.

We currently have no vacancies.

If you would like to talk with the president of

Classic Rides & Drives Club,

contact us today using the form below,

telling us a little about yourself and your interest in classic vehicles.

Please remember to tell us where you are located.

We will call you back and have a friendly chat.

(Response time is normally within 48 hours)
































All membership renewals fall due on the anniversary of the date each individual member joins Classic Rides & Drives Club Inc.


All members are issued with a reminder email (see copy below) prior to expiration of their membership (usually the last week of the month preceding the due date. The reminder email has a Membership Renewal form attached in a pdf format that can be filled in electronically using Adobe.)

If payment is not made within a reasonable time following expiration of membership, the club president will follow up with a text SMS query, asking why the payment has not yet been made.

If after a reasonable time there is still no response from the members, and if those persons have any vehicles on the Club Permit Scheme, the club permit renewal signatory will check the club’s register to ascertain if the permits are current with CRD. 

Within a reasonable time post the expiry date of the permits, the club signatory will check the VicRoads’ website to see if the permits have been renewed.

If they have been renewed without the members renewing their membership with CRD, the club signatory will contact the members and ascertain if the vehicle permits have been transferred to another club and that membership will then be cancelled. 

If the permits have been renewed fraudulently, the club signatory will notify VicRoads to inform them that the owner of the vehicles is no longer an active member of our club, and therefore the vehicles cannot be permitted under the Club Permit Scheme with Classic Rides and Drives Club Inc.

Copy of the Membership Renewal Due reminder email that is sent out to members

Dear Member/s,


We hope that you are well.


This email is to advise that your membership with Classic Rides & Drives Club Inc. is due for renewal on (date).


You will find a Membership Renewal form attached to this email. It can be filled in electronically, if you have Adobe Reader, if not, please print out the form and complete it manually.


Once the form is completed, could you please email it (or a photo of it) back to us prior to the expiration of your renewal date, along with notification of your payment, if made on-line.


We understand that not everyone is able to make payments and/or complete and return the renewal form electronically, but please be aware that as an incorporated club with Consumer Affairs Victoria, it is a requirement upon us that we have signed copies of all membership renewal forms on file. Therefore, if you require assistance, could you please let us know, either by return email or phone and we will do what is necessary to help you to comply.


Please remember that if you have any vehicles on the Club Permit Scheme with Classic Rides & Drives Club Inc., it is a requirement of VicRoads that your membership be current. If you are not a financial member, you are not legally able to use your vehicle on public roads.


Please note that we have reached our cap of 60 available memberships and have several people on our waiting list. Therefore, if for any reason you do not wish to renew your membership with Classic Rides & Drives Club Inc., could you please extend us the courtesy to advise us by return email or phone contact so that we will know that a vacancy exists. We will be sorry to lose you and hope that you enjoyed your time with us.


Should there be any issues you wish to discuss, please feel free to contact Alan on Mobile 0401 995 061, and he will be happy to have a chat.


Thank you for your support and co-operation.


Kind Regards,

Enquiry Contact Form

Thank you for enquiring about membership

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